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At Benidorm Hotels (which includes Apartments in its listings) we do our utmost to give group organizers the best possible information and support. We know that organizing a group booking can be difficult, in particular trying to achieve the best balance between cost, location, facilities and comfort. Here are some notes that will help you in your decision making process, and, of course, you can always email us for more information or phone us to discuss your options.


If you've been to Benidorm before you will probably know about the many attractions of the resort and where you want to stay. However, if you have not been before or are unsure, you may like to read our information on Where to stay in Benidorm.


Apartments Staying in apartments will usually be the cheapest option because you can have 3 or 4 people (or even more) in each apartment. However, you should bear in mind that although one bedroom apartments usually sleep 4 and two bedroom apartments sleep 5 or 6, most apartments only have one bathroom. Therefore, ideally, you would not be planning to occupy the apartments to their maximum capacity. For an enjoyable stay it would be preferable if no more than 3 people occupied the one bedroom apartments (with one person sleeping on the sofa in the living room) and no more than four people occupied the two bedroom apartments. You will probably find that the difference in the cost per person between having a sensible number of people in each apartment and having overcrowded apartments is not that significant.

Hotels Staying in hotel rooms will usually be more expensive than in apartments if you want to stay in the central Levante area, but not necessarily if you are happy to stay in a hotel in the old town. However, even if you stay in a central hotel, you may consider it more convenient because you will be able to book it with breakfast or half board. In hotel rooms it would probably be preferable if you had twin rooms. You can have triple rooms, but the saving is only about 10%. Rooms for 4 are only suitable for families.

How to check availability

This website only allows you to check and book up to 4 hotel rooms or apartments. However, even if you will require more, you can check the availability and price for 4 units and if 4 are available to book there is a good chance we can book more. This will enable you to get a good idea of availability and total cost. Then you can contact us and we will check with the suppliers.

Prices The prices of apartments in Benidorm are often based on stays of 6 or 7 nights. However, there are some where the price is based on stays of 4 or 5 nights, and just a few where it is less than 4 nights. The prices of the hotels are often based on stays of 3 or 4 nights, but can be as low as 1 night. If you require less nights than the number that the price is based on there will be a short stay supplement. The price you see is the price you pay and any supplement applicable will have been added.

Searching At many properties there is a minimum stay. This means that if you search for 1 night you might only get a couple of properties, if you search for 2 nights you will get a few more, if you search for 3 nights you will get even more, etc. So, for example, if you just want 2 nights, do the search for 2 nights and make a note of what you get, but then do other searches for 3 and 4 nights and you may get other properties which you prefer and may not even cost you more.

Booking, Deposit and Changes

Groups seldom end up with the same number of people going as the original number of people saying they wanted to go. But don't worry, we know that. So just book for the number who have indicated that they will be going and if you need to add or cancel some units it wont matter, there will not be a charge for changes from us. Additions, of course, will be subject to availability.

The deposit required at the time of booking is just 10 euros per apartment or hotel room. The balance is due 6 weeks before travel. If you need to cancel some units after the balance is paid there may be a charge from the supplier. However, most properties do not charge for changes made more than 2 weeks before, especially if the number of cancelled units constitute less than 20% of the number booked.

Security Deposit

At apartments you will have to pay a refundable deposit - typically 150 euros per apartment. This deposit (usually in cash) is payable on arrival when you pick up the keys. It will be refunded to you on the day you leave when you return the keys. As the organiser, it is worth you making sure that all members of your party are aware of this as if damage is caused you may lose all or part of the deposit.

At hotels deposits are not requested.

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