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We are absolutely convinced of the value of our offering. Our prices are always either the lowest or within a few euros of the lowest. But that is not all. We also offer unsurpassed overall value, because of our product knowledge, personal service, low deposit and, particularly, because we have the fairest conditions. You can change or cancel your booking free of charge up to 42 days before the first day booked. After that you only pay modest charges on some changes and some cancellations.

This is our guarantee. Find a similar apartment in the same block cheaper on any other website either before booking or within two weeks of booking and we will match that price and give you 10 euros for your troubles as long as you accept that we can also apply that company's alteration and cancellation charges to your booking. You will still get our personal service and low deposit, you just have to forfeit our generous alteration and cancellation terms.

This guarantee does not apply to bookings within 4 weeks of arrival date as prices may have been slashed to clear empty periods.

If we believe that the price shown in a competitor's website is as a result of an error we reserve the right not to price match it. Instead we will ask you to proceed to book it with our competitor and if they accept the booking we will pay you the 10 euros. We will require you to email us a copy of their confirmation.

If you wish to proceed to obtain the absolute lowest price under these terms please contact us .