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Booking and Payment

1. The person named as Party Leader will be referred to as the Client.

2. The application for a reservation by the Client either directly or through an agent shall imply acceptance of these conditions on behalf of all members of the party.

3. If a booking is not accepted no money will be debited to the Clients credit or debit card.

Your Responsibility

4. The Client shall indemnify the property owners against all losses and/or damage to their property arising directly or indirectly from any act or default of the Client, or anyone in his/her party.

Our Responsibility

5. Your contract is with the accommodation provider. Hotels Abroad acts only as a booking agent for the accommodation providers and shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or delay to person or property or any other contingency which arises at the properties.

Alterations and Cancellations

6. Minor alterations will be done free of charge at all times. Examples of minor alterations are requests to book/cancel meals, parking space, cots and other special requests or informing the properties of late/early arrival.

Major alterations will also be done free of charge if requested more than 42 days before the first day booked. Examples of major alterations are changes to dates, type of accommodation required or property booked.

Within 42 days of the first day booked there is a €10 administration charge.

If, as a result of the alterations the number of nights is reduced, the property requested is changed or the dates requested are changed it may be treated as a cancellation or a partial cancellation and the appropriate fees may be applied (see below).

7. Cancellation of a booking is effective only when you have notified our UK office and we have confirmed that we received it.

In the event of cancellation, charges may apply. Costs will depend on various factors including circumstances and the amount we are charged by the suppliers. In all cases the charges will not exceed the ‘up to percentage’ shown below:-

- 43 or more days before first day booked – No charge
- 29 to 42 days before first day booked – up to 40%
- 15 to 28 days before first day booked – up to 60%
- 2 to 14 days before first day booked – up to 80%
- 1 day before first day booked – up to 100%
- First day booked or later – up to 100%

Important. If you telephone to cancel please ensure you obtain a cancellation number. (Please note that any cancellation charges will normally be recoverable from your Insurance Company providing your reason for cancelling falls within the terms specified in the policy).

8. Hotels Abroad and the property owners reserve the right to cancel the booking or alter the property or accommodation at the same property in the event of circumstances arising which are beyond their control. In such cases the client may be entitled to a refund, not exceeding the amount paid by the client, but Hotels Abroad shall have no further liability.


9. If you are unhappy with the accommodation provided you should make your dissatisfaction known at the property (or local agent) and, if possible, try to get them to resolve it. If you are unable to resolve the matter yourself and it is within our office hours, you should telephone us as soon as possible as we may be able to assist. If the matter remains unresolved you should write directly to the accommodation provider. Since we act only as booking agents we are unable to enter into any correspondence with you unless the problem arose as a direct result of an error from our part.

Information and Price Accuracy

10. A great deal of work goes into trying to ensure the accuracy of the information and prices in this website. However, it is possible that a few mistakes will have slipped through the net. Also, the accommodation providers may make changes which they may not have communicated to us. If we discover a mistake or need to make a change, clients who have booked and are yet to travel will be informed and given the option to change to another property or cancel without charge. If we discover a pricing error you will be informed at the time of booking, before we confirm your reservation.

The Price You Pay

11. The suppliers reserve the right to change the price of your accommodation and any other services provided if the costs to them change by more than 3%. This would only happen if the reasons for the increase were outside their control, such as government taxes. Any increases will be limited to the additional costs incurred and in any case will not be passed on to you within 30 days of the first day booked. If the increase is more than 10% you have the right to cancel and obtain a full refund.


12. These conditions are subject to English Law and the English Courts shall have sole jurisdiction.